2017: Cookies for Coats

This year, we’re going BIG!

Our goal for our 2017 Cookies For A Cause: Cookies For Coats fundraiser is 450 winter coats! We have partnered with Get Together Northwest in order to further our reach, and are now providing coats for NINE non-profit organizations across the Houston area:
Mission of Yahweh
Hope Beyond Bridges
Hospitality House
Aldine Family Hope Center
Shield Bearer
Tomball Pregnancy Center
Mesa Outreach
Redeemed Ministry
Teen Life Center

These organizations range from after school programs for inner-city kids to trauma counseling, and provide support Houstonians of all walks of life throughout the city and the surrounding areas!

Our partnership with Get Together Northwest gives us the ability to offer our customers (personal and corporate) tax-deductible receipts for their donation contributions!
GTNW brings nonprofit ministries and private businesses together in a powerful way! They focus on leveraging the extensive tools and networks of the private sector to help these organizations meet need and grow.

Each dozen cookies you order equals one winter coat for someone in need!

100% of our proceeds will go towards this goal!

Thank you for helping us change lives, one dozen cookies at a time!

2016: Cookies for Coats
Operation: Cookies For Coats Summary

Posted by Three Bowls Bakery on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Our Cookies For A Cause mission for 2016 was Operation: Cookies For Coats. We delivered 235 dozen cookies in order to provide 140 new winter coats to the women and children at The Mission of Yahweh homeless shelter. It was so amazing to see the outpouring of love and support in our community! Learn more about the Mission of Yahweh at www.MissionofYahweh.org.


Dozen cookies sold


Coats donated


Fundraising days
2015: Cookies for Blankets

In 2015, our family had an idea to sell a few cookies and buy a few blankets to hand out to the homeless before Christmas. In the first day, Ace handed out 24 samples and came home with orders for 30 dozen cookies! As the orders continued to pour in over the next several days, we realized that God was driving this mission and we needed a bigger goal, so Operation: Cookies For Blankets was born. After delivering 140 DOZEN cookies in the span of 21 days, we were able to deliver ONE HUNDRED blankets to The Mission of Yahweh to help house women and children in need!

We were able to purchase the following items with our fundraising:

– 120 blankets
– 66 bottles of body wash
– 144 combs
– 65 hair brushes
– 90 full size candy bars


Dozen cookies sold


Blankets donated


Fundraising days